• Yummi Candles Brand Collateral

Yummi Candles Brand Collateral


 While working at Neo-Image Candlelight Ltd., I had the privilege of working with the Yummi Candles brand on many different projects. Some of these projects included the Yummi delivery truck wrap design as well as the Scented Candle-Making Workshop materials which would be given to participants as part of their Workshop experience and as complimentary gifts.

The Yummi Candles truck was designed to match the clean, minimalist style of the existing Yummi Candles brand elements, but also be eye-catching and informational. The truck wrap features iconographic elements showing the products that are manufactured and sold at Yummi Candles, and also lists the retail store locations, website, and more.

The Workshop gifts that I designed included a branded notepad with a marbled texture to simulate melted wax (in grey, Yummi Candles’ primary brand colour), a matte-black pencil, a faux-leather pouch with the logo embossed on the front, as well as Yummi buttons.

The Yummi Truck

Workshop Gifts