• Yummi Candles Scented Loft Jar Labels

Yummi Candles Scented Loft Jar Labels

The purpose of this project was to design a new label for Yummi Candles’ newest product, the Scented Loft Jar. I was tasked with creating a label which fit in with the existing label and package designs for the other candles and home fragrance products sold by Yummi Candles. This was challenging because most of the existing labels are printed on solid white and are packaged in kraft boxes, where the glass and wax inside is no longer visible.
After much discussion as a team and several design iterations later, we decided it best to let the Loft Jar glass speak for itself. After all, the glass is beautiful on its own, and is a selling feature in its own right.
I suggested that we follow the same design structure as the other candle products in their line, but printed on a clear label instead, so that the glass and candle wax inside is still visible. This way the consumer is still able to view all of the product information, but the beauty of the product is not lost, and when lit, the flame shines through the glass and label.