• Yummi Holiday Woodwick Candles & Toronto Christmas Market

Yummi Woodwick Candles
& Toronto Christmas Market 2018



Yummi Candles has three retail locations in the Greater Toronto Area, including one in Toronto’s historic Distillery District. Every year, the Toronto Christmas Market takes place in the Distillery District from mid November to Christmas. Yummi Candles also sets up a booth on Tank House Lane which participates in the Christmas Market festivities.

Not only did I have the opportunity to curate and design the decorations for the store over the holiday season, and to design the booth for the Christmas market, I was tasked with designing a product packaging design for a new and limited edition product offering, Yummi’s Holiday Scented Woodwick Candles. We selected the theme of Canadiana Christmas for this year’s booth, store decor, signage, and product packaging.

The Design Process

The goal for this project was to create a product packaging solution for Yummi Candles’ new and limited edition holiday scented woodwick candles to be sold exclusively in the Yummi Candles market booth, with the theme of Canadiana Christmas.

Given that many people visiting the market are shopping for Christmas gifts for their friends and loved ones, we wanted to implement a design solution for the new woodwick candles which was both “giftable” and reflective of Yummi Candles’ luxury brand, while maintaining the Canadiana Christmas theme.

During the design process I designed several different iterations of the package design, including stickers and boxes, foldable gift boxes and illustrative full-wrap labels, as well as plastic cylinder containers with illustrative paper inserts.

In the end we decided to go with a printed illustrated over-wrap which would be warpped around the Yummi-branded cork lid, held on using metallic stretch ribbon and tied into a bow. As a team, we liked the aspect of having the metallic bow as a decorative accent for the holiday season. Since it was a limited print run, we were able to produce the packaging assets in-house and print the overwrap and front labels ourselves.

We liked the look of the illustrative overwrap with the ribbon because it was reminiscent of homemade jam or other handmade artisanal gifts and it fit our Canadiana Christmas theme. Yummi Candles prides itself in its family run business and handmade luxury candle products.

Additionally, I was able to digitally illustrate custom artwork reflective of each candle’s holiday-themed fragrance, which included: Hot Cocoa + Marshmallows, Bonfire + Smoke, Touque + Cozy Mitts, Apple Cobbler + Brown Sugar, and Frozen Pond + 20 Below.

Each overwrap is printed on both sides. The outside features the illustration reflective of each fragrance, and the inside has the company information, product information, and safety instructions. Each ribbon was chosen to complement the colours in its respective artwork.

The Final Vision

Toronto Christmas Market 2018
& Yummi Candles Store Decor