• Yummi Crystal Candles

Yummi Crystal Candles


 This limited-edition line of scented Crystal Candles produced by Yummi Candles was an exciting project for me to work on because I was able to select the fragrances for each candle and design the labels based on the fragrances I selected. This apothecary-inspired, illustrated label is printed on linen-textured paper and sealed shut with a silver, custom branded Yummi wax seal for a fancy, bourgeois look.

I began this project by researching the described effects of each stone which was going to be placed in the wax of each jar candle: amethyst, rose quartz, and celestite. After noting the effects of each stone, I selected a proprietary fragrance from Yummi Candles’ extensive catalogue of scents that I thought best suited each stone. After finalizing the fragrance for each candle, I was able to begin the illustrations for each fragrance.

At Yummi Candles, each fragrance is categorized by fragrance family and colour-coded. Lavender Bud + Blonde Cedar is an aromatic fragrance, and is colour-coded purple, which matches the colour of the amethyst stone. Vintage Champagne + Red Roses is a floral fragrance, and is colour-coded pink, which matches the colour of the rose quartz stone. And lastly, Cactus Water + Himalayan Musk is considered a fresh fragrance, and is colour-coded blue-green. The celestite stone is a pale blue colour.

Each illustration includes elements which exist in the fragrance oil. For example, Cactus Water + Himalayan Musk has top notes of prickly pear, middle notes of Magnolia and Jasmine, and base/dry notes of Himalayan musk. All of these elements are illustrated on the front of the label, in the colour that is dictated by its fragrance family.